company Safety Policy

At Pacesetter Directional Drilling, safety is a key component to our success. We are committed to our workforce through our own health and safety system as well as supporting the health and safety programs of our valued clients. Our commitment to an injury free workplace is firmly rooted at every level – from our President down through to the rig floor. This commitment allows Pacesetter to deliver quality work that is safely executed. We support and encourage our employees, consultants and clients to constantly improve health and safety performance in an effort to provide the safest work sites possible! Our Certificate Of Recognition (Issued through Enform) is a valued representation of our commitment to the continual improvement of our health and safety system, leading us towards our goal as a zero injury workplace. Feel free to contact us at your convenience for health and safety inquiries. Tim Unruh, Health & Safety Manager safety@pacesetterdirectional.ca

Goal to zero

Pacesetter ended Q1-2015 by finalizing our annual goals and we achieved what we set out to accomplish for another year! We had zero recordable incidents this past drilling season and it was our third year in a row doing so. What an incredible accomplishment! Pacesetter leads the industry in workplace health and safety and our team is continually working hard to ensure we maintain this goal.

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