Services from Pacesetter

Lowering Costs, Reducing Rig Time

Pacesetter’s relentless focus on performance helps exploration & production companies:

  • Reduce overall drilling costs
  • Cut rig time – the biggest expense of any drilling program
  • Fit more wells into the drilling budget – enabling new production to be brought on sooner
  • Drill more time sensitive projects – including winter wells at risk from a late freeze or early thaw

Pacesetter boosts our clients’ profits and cash flow. Our performance thrills everyone from the Drilling Superintendent to the CFO.

Pacesetter’s relentless focus on performance drives our service lineup.

Directional Drilling

Pacesetter is a technical leader in the directional drilling industry.

Drilling Optimization

We monitor every section of every well as it is being drilled, so we can make any required bit, motor or strategy changes immediately.

Performance Drilling

We work in close partnership with clients to develop a custom strategy for each well.