mwd-pilot_transPacesetter Redline MWD Tool Complete Specifications

The Pacesetter Redline MWD is a Positive Pulse Measurement-While-Drilling tool. Its modular design and configuration provide optimum performance in a wide range of Collar diameters and flow rates. Pacesetter Redline is fully Retrievable allowing extraction and replacement of the tool without tripping. Valuable rig time can be saved in the event of downhole complications and LIH liability is minimized in difficult drilling environments.


The Pacesetter Redline MWD system uses a bottom mounted, retrievable pulser to transmit survey data to surface by actuating a Pacesetter Redline valve which momentarily restricts mud flow through the drill string interior creating a positive pressure pulse. The Pacesetter Redline valve is actuated by a motor working in conjunction with a gear and leadscrew arrangement which exerts 100 lbs seating force providing exceptional tolerance to LCM. The Pacesetter Redline Orientation Module combines tri-axial Flux Gate Magnetometers with Q-Flex type accelerometers to offer high accuracy and reliability.


  • Full Retrievability minimizes LIH liability.
  • Highly efficient gear-leadscrew configuration provides battery life of in excess of 400 hrs (depending on tool/battery configuration).
  • The servo motor assembly exerts up to 100 lbs-force to minimize plugging and increase tolerance to LCM.
  • Single tool configurable for 3 1/2 in to 12 in O.D. Collars and a range of flow rates.

Surface Rig Display

  • The easy to use touch screen interface unit is robust and compact for optimum drill floor placement.
  • Wireless two-way communication between the rig display and the laptop computer allow efficient survey data monitoring and optimal data handling plus regular tool health check and remaining battery life.
  • The windows-based, full color graphics LCD screen of the Rig Floor Display can be viewed under all normal rig operating conditions.


Pressure Transducer Digital RS485 or 4-20 mA Loop
Touch Screen Colour Display 10.4” (265mm) screen size, sunlight readable, backlit, 20 GB on board memory
Interface Depth Tracking Pason / Cheemo / Totco / Depth Wheel / TruVu / manual depth input
Physical Dimensions 14” x 9” x 5” (356 mm x 229 mm x 127 mm), 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
Operating Temperature 5 to 104 °F (-15 to 40 °C)

Directional Module

  • Q-Flex accelerometers
  • Flux gate magnetometers
  • Highest quality, harsh environment components and construction
  • Data transmission is configurable for job specific requirements

Internal Connections

  • All internal connections in the Pacesetter Redline MWD tool are made using the Sondex Rotary Connector.
  • The reliability of the Rotary Connector significantly improves MTBF.
  • Reduces repair costs and dramatically increases the integrity of the downhole connections.



SENSITIVITY Range Accuracy
Azimuth 0 – 360° ± 0.5°
Inclination 0 – 180° ± 0.1°
Toolface 0 – 360° ± 0.5°
Toolface Update 0.6 pulse width: 8.4 seconds
0.8 pulse width: 12 seconds
1.2 pulse width: 17 seconds
Toolface and Gamma Update 0.6 pulse width: 20.4 seconds
0.8 pulse width: 27 seconds
1.2 pulse width: 41 seconds
Full Survey with all Qualifiers 0.6 pulse width: 145 seconds
0.8 pulse width: 170 seconds
Dynamic Survey (Inc/Azi) 0.6 pulse width: 100 seconds
0.8 pulse width: 110 seconds
TOOL DIMENSIONS Imperial Units Metric Units
UBHO Sub O.D. 3.5 – 12 in. 89 – 305 mm
UBHO Sub Length 36 in. (longer on request) 914 mm
Probe OD 1 ⅞ in. 47.625 mm
Tool Length (no GR) 23 ft 7010 mm
Tool Length (incl. GR) 26 ft 7937 mm
Min ID for 89mm Collar 2.28 in. 58 mm
Min ID for 121mm Collar 2.68 in. 68 mm
Min ID for 165mm Collar 2.68 in. 68 mm
Min ID for 203mm Collar 2.95 in. 75 mm
Min Flow Rate (in water) 130 GPM 0.5 m³/min
Max Flow Rate (in water) 1060 GPM 4.0 m³/min
Max Temperature 302 °F 150 °C
Max Operating Pressure 20,000 psi 137.9 MPa
Shock 1000 g / 0.5 ms
Vibration 25 g RMS 30 – 500 Hz Random, 30 g 50 – 300 Hz Sine
Mud Sand Content Recommended: less than 1%
Lost Circulation Material Up to 50 lb/bbl premixed Nut Plug or Cedar Fiber
Tool Size Minimum ID of Drill String to allow MWD retrieval
89 mm >= 51 mm
121 mm or greater >= 54 mm
Pull to cut centralization fins 2200 – 2900 lbs (1.0 – 1.3 kDaN)