(Powerdrive Orbit)

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The Powerdrive Orbit tool is Pacesetter’s Rotary Steerable System. It is a robust tool with improved control in harsh environments. It allows for higher mud weights, larger flow ranges, aggressive mud and improves debris removal. The Powerdrive Orbit gives more control during stick/slip situations, better control during jamming and it improves overall reliability. Using a Rotary Steerable System reduces drilling time by minimizing wiper trips and increasing hole quality, allowing for improved and faster completions.


  • Closed loop directional control.
  • Capability to engage/disengage via downlink.
  • Automatically adjusts steering percentage.
  • Nudges can increase/decrease inclination by 0.5 deg.
  • Can be combined with azimuthal bias
  • Up to 50% left and right
  • +/‐ 12.5% increments


  • Steering setting is downlinked from surface.
  • The entire string rotates while steering in the desired direction.
  • Full 3D steering capability to gravity or magnetic orientation.
  • Both Inclination and Azimuth can be controlled while drilling via downlink.


Powerdrive has two main assemblies:

  • Bias Unit (BU): Converts hydraulic pressure drop across the bit nozzles and flow restrictor (if used) into mechanical energy for steering the well path.
  • Control Unit (CU): Provides directional platform from with the Bias Unit is controlled allowing the tool to steer in desired direction. Linked with the Bias Unit through a mechanical coupling.


Nominal OD (API( 4.75 in
Hole Size 5 3/4 in to 63/4 in
Overall Length 13.5 ft
Max. Collar Dogleg

30°/100 ft [30°/30 m] sliding

10°/100 ft [10°/30 m] sliding

Build Rate  0° – 8°/100 ft
Max. Operating Torque

4,000 ft.lbf [5,420 N.m]

Max. Operating Load

340,000 lbf [1,500,000 N]

Max. Weight Bit

50,000 lbf [223,000 N]

Weight of Assembly in Air                

584 lbs

Max. Lost Circulation Material       

35 lbm/bbl medium nut plug

Flow Range‡

170 – 330 galUS/min [645 – 1,259 L/min]

Lateral Vibrations 

Shock level 3 (50gn threshold), 30min limit


± 100% mean rotational speed, 30min limit

Max. Rotational Speed  350 rpm
Max. Temperature§

302 degF [150 degC]

Max. Hydrostatic Pressure

20,000 psi [138 MPa]

Pressure Drop Across Tool

Density (in lbm/galUS) x Flow2 (in galUS/min) 14,500.00

Mud Sand Content

1% by volume


Collar Upper Connection        

3 1/2  IF box

Bit Box

 3 1/2 Reg
Max. Temperature§

302 degF [150 degC]


Bit Box to Gamma Ray

5.86 ft [1.79 m]

Bit Box to Inclination

6.73 ft [2.05 m]

Bit Box to Azimuth

8.83 ft [2.69 m]

Inclination Accuracy

0.11 (at sigma level)

Azimuth Accuracy

1.8 at 90° inclination (at 1 sigma level)

Gamma Ray Accuracy, Azimuthal 4‐Quadrant

± 5% (30s averaging window)

Shock Detector Threshold, Radial

50 gn ± 5gn (± 500 gn max. peak)