Case Studies

200mm RSS Run

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills 200mm tangent and build in a single run

Utilizing Pacesetter’s Live RSS BHA with real time at bit data, the first 200mm RSS run was successfully drilled.

The 1,925m tangent and build section were completed in a single run, drilling for 37 hours with an average ROP of 52m/hr.

Congratulations to the Operator, the rig crews, and Pacesetter’s DD and MWD Supervisors for this accomplishment.


HOLE SIZE                 200mm RSS Section
RUN LENGTH            1,925m
RUN DETAILS            622m MD to 2,547m MD

HOLE SIZE                 159mm RSS Section
RUN LENGTH            2,703m
RUN DETAILS            2,547m MD to 5,250m MD


  • Pacesetter’s first 200mm RSS run
  • Tangent and build drilled in a single run
  • Achieved 6/30 build rates
  • Followed by a single 159mm RSS run to TD at 45m/hr
  • Both the 200 and 159mm runs utilized RSS Live technology with real time bit data


  • Pacesetter Orbit RSS
  • Live RSS BHA

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