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Conventional vs RSS

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills more meters faster, reducing overall drilling days

Canadian Natural Resources Limited recently drilled two Cardium wells on the same pad; one with conventional tools and the other with Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS in the lateral. Both wells had 90 degree turns in their respective lateral sections.

By utilizing RSS, CNRL successfully drilled more meters in significantly less time. The RSS resulted in better ROP and also substantially reduced off bottom circulating time.

Congratulations to Canadian Natural Resources Limited and the rig crews of Ensign 419 on this impressive achievement.



OPERATOR         Canadian Natural Resources Limited
HOLE SIZE          156mm



TD DATE                     Mar 3, 2020                   Mar 19, 2020
LOCATION                  Ferrier 38-7W5             Ferrier 38-7W5
DEPTH IN                   2,290                               2,288
ANGLE IN                   71.61deg                        71.77deg
METERS DRILLED      2,390                              2,550
CIRC HRS                    98.25                              32.75
DRILLING HRS           79.00                              55.75
AVERAGE ROP            30.3                                45.7



  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS

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