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CPEC Drills Record 4,817m RSS Run

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS breaks records drilling 4,817m in a single run

Using Pacesetter’s combined technology of XPACE Dual Telemetry MWD and our modified PowerDrive Orbit RSS, CPEC drilled their longest run and Pacesetter’s third longest run to date.

The 4,817m lateral was completed in a single run, drilling for 85.5 hours with an average ROP of 56.3m/hr.

Congratulations to Crescent Point Energy Corp, RTOC Group, and the rig crews of Ensign 148 for this great accomplishment.


OPERATOR                Crescent Point Energy Corp.
HOLE SIZE                 171mm
RUN LENGTH            4,817m
TOTAL DEPTH            8,156m


  • 4,817m drilled in a single run
  • Average lateral ROP of 56.3m/hr
  • 35 downlinks required


  • Pacesetter Orbit RSS
  • Cathedral Claw Motor


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