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Deepest MD Swan Hills Well

Aspenleaf Energy drills deepest MD Swan Hills well

Congratulations to Aspenleaf Energy Limited together with the rig and crew of Ensign 32 on this achievement.

Pacesetter’s combined technologies, paired with an Impulse “Hex Drive” motor and triple “Actipulse” friction reduction tools, drilled a tortuous and challenging well plan in the Swan Hills formation to a total depth of 6,188m MD, making this the deepest well to date for Aspenleaf Energy and deepest MD well in Swan Hills.



OPERATOR         Aspenleaf Energy Limited
HOLE SIZE          311mm / 222mm / 156mm
TOTAL DEPTH    6,188m MD


Pacesetter’s Near Bit Inc motor was used in conjuction with Pacesetter’s Redline Pulse MWD in the 222mm build section, enhancing the trajectory control by transmitting inclination measurements closer to the bit.


  • Pacesetter Near Bit Inclination
  • Pacesetter Redline Pulse MWD
  • Impulse “Hex Drive” Motor


Download this Performance Highlight