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Mancal Drills Longest RSS Run in Canada

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills 5,276m, setting new record for longest single run in Canada

By utilizing Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS and XPACE EM MWD, Mancal successfully drilled a record Dunvegan well to TD at 5,887m MD. Together these technologies drilled 5,276m in a single build and lateral run, making this the longest 171mm hole size RSS run in Canada.

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS held the trajectory within the specified target drilling at 53m/hr.

Congratulations to Mancal Energy Ltd. and Codeco-Vanoco Engineering Inc. together with the rig crews of Savanna 687 on this incredible accomplishment.


OPERATOR                Mancal Energy Inc.
HOLE SIZE                 171mm
RUN DETAILS            611m MD to 5,887m MD


  • 3D well profile with 90deg of build and 90deg of turn
  • Drilled the build from 0deg to 90deg at 45m/hr
  • Drilled the flat turn from 0deg Azm to 270deg Azm (90deg turn) @ 68.0m/h
  • The RSS had the ability to achieve outputs above 10/30


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS with Real Time Communication

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