Case Studies

NuVista Energy Ltd. Record Montney Well – Daily Oil Bulletin Article

Recently NuVista Energy Ltd. completed the deepest well and longest lateral section ever drilled in Western Canada. In the April 25, 2018 edition of the Daily Oil Bulletin, Mark Thorne, Drilling Superintendent at NuVista, released a statement attributing much of their success to Pacesetter’s Orbit™ Rotary Steerable System among other service providers.

“Unlike conventional, directional drilling, where you have to slide, rotary steering allows you to steer the well in any direction, while rotating the entire time. By doing that, you get a smoother wellbore, a smoother wellbore means less torque, and less torque means you can reach further. Also, having a smoother wellbore helps us get our completion systems in the ground.”

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