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Pacesetter HB Orbit RSS Has Consistent Success Drilling Build Sections

Pacesetter’s High Build Orbit RSS successfully drilled 76 build sections in 2020

Our Calgary based RSS Operations, Research & Development, and Maintenance teams are continually making modifications to the original PowerDrive Orbit platform to meet client needs.

Over the past 12 months Pacesetter has drilled 76 build sections using our HB Orbit RSS in 222mm, 171mm, 159mm and 156mm hole sizes.

  • 33 successful build sections from a starting inclination of 45 to 70 degrees
  • 43 successful build sections from a starting inclination of 0 to 45 degrees
  • 39 HB Orbit BHAs drilled build and lateral in one run to TD



AVG METERS DRILLED            2,020m
TOTAL METERS DRILLED        179,825m
AVG TIME DRILLED                  45.5 hrs
TOTAL TIME DRILLED              4,045 hrs
AVG ROP                                   44.5m/hr
LONGEST RUN                         5,186m


  • Average outputs of 7.5 deg/30
  • Highest outputs recorded at 12.87/30
  • 70 wells drilled using XPACE EM MWD
  • 6 wells drilled using Redline Pulse MWD


  • Montney
  • Duvernay
  • Wilrich
  • Fahler
  • Cardium


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