Successful RSS Sidetrack

Grizzly Resources successfully drills an open hole sidetrack utilizing Pacesetter’s live at bit RSS BHA

Sidetracking with Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS configured in real time mode, Grizzly Resources saved substantial rig time on their most recent Valhalla well. Pacesetter’s live RSS BHA, in conjunction with proven XEM platform, had real time readings of inclination and gamma at bit, successfully drilling an open hole sidetrack in under 6 hours.

Communication, planning, and field level execution were key factors to the successful completion of this well.

Congratulations to Grizzly Resources Ltd. and the rig crews of PD 182 for this great accomplishment.



OPERATOR         Grizzly Resources Ltd.
HOLE SIZE          159mm


HIGHLIGHTS             LEG 1              LEG 2

DEPTH IN                  574m               715m
TD DEPTH                 1,011m            1,673m
METERS DRILLED     437m               985m
TVD                            335m               335m
AVERAGE ROP          82.3 m/hr        55.3m/hr



  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS


Pacesetter’s Live RSS BHA offers: 

  • Bit to RSS Azimuthal Gamma at 1.79m
  • Bit to RSS Continuous Inclination at 2.05m
  • Bit to MWD Survey at 6.0m

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Conventional vs RSS

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills more meters faster, reducing overall drilling days

Canadian Natural Resources Limited recently drilled two Cardium wells on the same pad; one with conventional tools and the other with Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS in the lateral. Both wells had 90 degree turns in their respective lateral sections.

By utilizing RSS, CNRL successfully drilled more meters in significantly less time. The RSS resulted in better ROP and also substantially reduced off bottom circulating time.

Congratulations to Canadian Natural Resources Limited and the rig crews of Ensign 419 on this impressive achievement.



OPERATOR         Canadian Natural Resources Limited
HOLE SIZE          156mm



TD DATE                     Mar 3, 2020                   Mar 19, 2020
LOCATION                  Ferrier 38-7W5             Ferrier 38-7W5
DEPTH IN                   2,290                               2,288
ANGLE IN                   71.61deg                        71.77deg
METERS DRILLED      2,390                              2,550
CIRC HRS                    98.25                              32.75
DRILLING HRS           79.00                              55.75
AVERAGE ROP            30.3                                45.7



  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS

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Record Montney Well for CNRL

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills 3,303m run with record ROP of 40.8m/hr

Utillizing Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS and XEM MWD, paired with NOV ReedHycalog’s 159mm TK53-B1 drill bit, CNRL drilled 3,303m in 81 hours resulting in a record ROP of 40.8m/hr.

Congratulations to Canadian Natural Resources Limited, the rig crew of Horizon 48, and NOV ReedHycalog on this great accomplishment.


OPERATOR         Canadian Natural Resources Limited
HOLE SIZE          159mm


RUN DETAILS      2347m to 5650m
DRILLED              3303m
HOURS                81 hrs
ROP                     40.8m/hr


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS

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Record Bakken Well for Ridgeback Resources

Ridgeback Resources Inc. drilled their fastest Bakken well to date in just 4.5 days using Pacesetter’s Redline Pulse MWD technology.

Congratulations to Ridgeback and the rig crew of Horizon 33 on this accomplishment.

Record 4,425m RSS Run for Bonavista

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills 4,425m record lateral run

Congratulations to Bonavista Energy Corporation and the rig crew of Savanna 656 on this impressive achievement.


OPERATOR         Bonavista Energy Corporation
HOLE SIZE          156mm
RUN DETAILS     2,625m MD to 7,050m MD


Using Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS and Redline Pulse MWD, Bonavista drilled a 4,425m single run lateral making it Pacesetter’s second longest RSS run.


  • 7,050m MD Total Depth
  • Second longest RSS lateral single run


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS
  • Redline Pulse MWD

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Deepest MD Swan Hills Well

Aspenleaf Energy drills deepest MD Swan Hills well

Congratulations to Aspenleaf Energy Limited together with the rig and crew of Ensign 32 on this achievement.

Pacesetter’s combined technologies, paired with an Impulse “Hex Drive” motor and triple “Actipulse” friction reduction tools, drilled a tortuous and challenging well plan in the Swan Hills formation to a total depth of 6,188m MD, making this the deepest well to date for Aspenleaf Energy and deepest MD well in Swan Hills.



OPERATOR         Aspenleaf Energy Limited
HOLE SIZE          311mm / 222mm / 156mm
TOTAL DEPTH    6,188m MD


Pacesetter’s Near Bit Inc motor was used in conjuction with Pacesetter’s Redline Pulse MWD in the 222mm build section, enhancing the trajectory control by transmitting inclination measurements closer to the bit.


  • Pacesetter Near Bit Inclination
  • Pacesetter Redline Pulse MWD
  • Impulse “Hex Drive” Motor


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Shell Canada Drills Record Well to 8,510m

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS breaks another record for longest single run at 5,186m, and longest well at 8,510m for Shell Canada

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS and MWD combination enabled Shell to successfully drill this Duvernay well with a single build and lateral run to TD at 8,510m.

Together, these technologies were able to drill 5,186m in just over 3.5 days of operation and complete the build and lateral in a single run. Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS held the trajectory within the specified target drilling at over 70 m/hr (average ROP) in the lateral section.

Congratulations to Shell Canada Limited and their Operations, Engineering, and DART team together with the rig and crew of PD 574 on this record accomplishment.



OPERATOR         Shell Canada Limited
HOLE SIZE          171 mm
RUN DETAILS     3,324m MD TO 8,510m MD


  • Landed build and turn 7°/30 BURR
  • Total lateral length of 4,874m
  • Successfully completed 4°/30 turn from roughly 6,900m MD to 7,250m MD


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS *record to TD
  • Redline Pulse MWD *record to TD
  • XEM EM MWD *record to 7,465m MD
  • Acoustic Near Bit Technology *record to TD


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