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Record 4,245m RSS Montney Run

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS drills longest one run RSS lateral with Crew in NE BC

Crew Energy utilized Pacesetter’s combined technologies of our modified Orbit RSS and XPACE EM MWD platform to successfully drill the longest single run Montney lateral in NE BC. The 4,245m one run lateral was drilled in 76.5hrs, completing the well at 6,210m MD in only 8.75 days from spud.

In addition to this accomplishment, Pacesetter’s 5 subsequent longest one run RSS laterals have been drilled in the last 6 months; 3 in total being with Crew.

Congratulations to Crew Energy Inc. and the rig crews of PD 547 for this great achievement.


OPERATOR                Crew Energy Inc.
HOLE SIZE                 159mm
RUN DETAILS            1,965m MD to 6,210m MD
DRILLING HOURS     76.5 hrs
AVERAGE ROP           55.5m/hr


  • Landed the 3D build section from 74deg Inclination with 27deg turn
  • Completed another 20deg of turn once landed
  • Produced 9.5deg/30m RSS outputs
  • 8.75 days from Spud to TD
  • Reached TD 2.5 days ahead of the pad average


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS

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