Case Studies

Record Montney Well for Crew

Crew Energy Inc. drills BC Montney well in a record 6.6 days

Utilizing Pacesetter’s combined technologies of our modified Orbit RSS and XPACE EM MWD platform, Crew drilled a record Montney well in NE BC reaching TD at 5,860m MD in only 6.6 days from Spud to TD.

The 3,855m build and lateral were completed in a single run with RSS, drilling for 49.25 hours with an average ROP of 78.3m/hr.

Congratulations to Crew Energy Inc. and the rig crews of PD 547 for this great accomplishment.


OPERATOR                Crew Energy Inc.
HOLE SIZE                 222mm / 159mm
TOTAL DEPTH           5,860m MD


  • Drilled 240m in 6 hours; 2005m to 2245m
  • Average ROP of 40m/hr
  • Completed a 3D build using Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS from 44.5deg to 90deg inc with 20deg of turn
  • RSS achieved 8.5/30deg build rates in the Montney
  • Only 6 downlinks required


  • Drilled 3615m in 43.25 hours; 2245m to 5860m
  • Average ROP of 83.6m/hr
  • 19 downlinks required


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS
  • XPACE EM MWD with Live Link


Download this Performance Highlight