Case Studies

Record Septimus Well for CNRL

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS eliminates entire BHA and saves tripping time

By utilizing Pacesetter’s Orbit Rotary Steerable System, Canadian Natural Resources Limited was able to eliminate an entire BHA and a trip, finishing the build and lateral sections in one run, resulting in substantial time saved and reduced AFE costs. CNRL successfully landed the well from 45deg to 90deg in 7 hours.

Pacesetter’s combined technologies of our modified Orbit RSS and XEM MWD drilled 2,839m in a single run, completing the well at 4,787m MD. This was a “pacesetter” Septimus well for CNRL.

Congratulations to CNRL and the rig crews of Ensign 60 for this impressive achievement.


OPERATOR         Canadian Natural Resources Limited
HOLE SIZE          159mm
RUN DETAILS     1948m MD to 4787m MD


  • Landed the well from 45deg with a BURR of 6/30
  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS achieved 6.5/30 outputs in the bottom of the Doig to the Montney
  • Average ROP of 66.8 m/hr


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS


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