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Saturn Drills Record 5298m RSS Run

New Canadian record for longest 159mm RSS run set by Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS paired with Real Time Communication enabled Saturn to successfully drill a record Cardium well with a single build and lateral run to TD at 5,914m MD. This is the longest 159mm hole size RSS run in Canada to date.

The 5,298m run drilled for 107.25 hours with an average ROP of 49.4m/hr.

Congratulations to Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. and the rig crews of Ensign 420 on this astounding achievement.


OPERATOR                Saturn Oil & Gas Inc.
HOLE SIZE                 159mm
RUN DETAILS            616m MD to 5,914m MD


  • 3D well profile with 90° of build and 63°of turn
  • Drilled the build from 0° to 90° at 34m/hr
  • Drilled the flat turn from 117° Azm to 180° Azm (63° turn) at 50m/h
  • The RSS achieved outputs above 9°/30m


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS with Real Time Communication
  • Ulterra U613S bit

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