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Shell Canada Drills Record Well to 8,510m

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS breaks another record for longest single run at 5,186m, and longest well at 8,510m for Shell Canada

Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS and MWD combination enabled Shell to successfully drill this Duvernay well with a single build and lateral run to TD at 8,510m.

Together, these technologies were able to drill 5,186m in just over 3.5 days of operation and complete the build and lateral in a single run. Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS held the trajectory within the specified target drilling at over 70 m/hr (average ROP) in the lateral section.

Congratulations to Shell Canada Limited and their Operations, Engineering, and DART team together with the rig and crew of PD 574 on this record accomplishment.



OPERATOR         Shell Canada Limited
HOLE SIZE          171 mm
RUN DETAILS     3,324m MD TO 8,510m MD


  • Landed build and turn 7°/30 BURR
  • Total lateral length of 4,874m
  • Successfully completed 4°/30 turn from roughly 6,900m MD to 7,250m MD


  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS *record to TD
  • Redline Pulse MWD *record to TD
  • XEM EM MWD *record to 7,465m MD
  • Acoustic Near Bit Technology *record to TD


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