Case Studies

Successful RSS Sidetrack

Grizzly Resources successfully drills an open hole sidetrack utilizing Pacesetter’s live at bit RSS BHA

Sidetracking with Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS configured in real time mode, Grizzly Resources saved substantial rig time on their most recent Valhalla well. Pacesetter’s live RSS BHA, in conjunction with proven XEM platform, had real time readings of inclination and gamma at bit, successfully drilling an open hole sidetrack in under 6 hours.

Communication, planning, and field level execution were key factors to the successful completion of this well.

Congratulations to Grizzly Resources Ltd. and the rig crews of PD 182 for this great accomplishment.



OPERATOR         Grizzly Resources Ltd.
HOLE SIZE          159mm


HIGHLIGHTS             LEG 1              LEG 2

DEPTH IN                  574m               715m
TD DEPTH                 1,011m            1,673m
METERS DRILLED     437m               985m
TVD                            335m               335m
AVERAGE ROP          82.3 m/hr        55.3m/hr



  • Pacesetter’s Orbit RSS


Pacesetter’s Live RSS BHA offers: 

  • Bit to RSS Azimuthal Gamma at 1.79m
  • Bit to RSS Continuous Inclination at 2.05m
  • Bit to MWD Survey at 6.0m

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