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Pacesetter Assists Clients Achieve Precise Well Placement Objectives with PeriScope HD, AWR and AGR Services

Integrated technologies increase reservoir contact enabling crucial placement of horizontal section within the reservoir.

PeriScope HD multilayer bed boundary detection service accurately detects multiple formation layers, orientation of approaching beds and fluid boundary positions to enable advanced well placement services in complex, thinly bedded and compartmentalized reservoirs. The PeriScope HD service uses a combination of inversion models with additional azimuthal measurements to provide precise delineation of formation bed boundaries for advanced well placement and accurate definition of multiple productive layers.

AWR service transmits real-time resistivity, gamma ray, and inclination data for improved reservoir evaluation.

AGR service uses total and azimuthal-image gamma ray functionality to reveal bed crossings and boundaries, enabling confident geosteering decisions.



WELLS                          69
OPERATORS                11
METERS DRILLED       165,986m
FORMATIONS              Bakken, Cardium, Colony, Ellerslie, Falher, Glauconitic, Sparky, Sunburst SS, Viking

Companies plan to drill horizontal sections to access thin reservoirs. However, there are uncertainties as
to the exact position of the reservoir layers within the formation. Consequently, companies need to ascertain better positioning of the target reservoirs and place the maximum length of the lateral inside the reservoir layer(s) while minimizing the risk of exiting the reservoir.


  • PeriScope HD multilayer bed boundary detection service
  • AWR Array Wave Resistivity
  • AGR Azimuthal Gamma Ray
  • ShortPulse integrated MWD platform


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