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Near Bit Inclination Motor Optimizes Steering Decisions In Landing Build Sections


Accurately land the well in the Montney formation when drilling through the lower formations with unpredictable motor performance while achieving the desired well path with consistent doglegs and without compromising on motor power section selection.


Utilize Pacesetter’s Near Bit Inclination Motor coupled with customer specified performance power section to accurately place the well on target.


Successfully drilled the build section of the well maintaining a maximum dogleg rate of 40% above the plan.


Accurate wellbore placement to maximize efficiency

In a liquid rich Montney application in Alberta, Athabasca Oil Corporation was drilling build sections through unpredictable formations. Typical build sections exceed the maximum planned dogleg by 100% to 140%. Conventional inclination measurements, placed up to 20m behind the bit, did not allow trajectory corrections to occur quickly enough and often resulted in very high doglegs. Athabasca tested Pacesetter’s Near Bit Inclination Motor together with our XEM electromagnetic telemetry system to improve their ability to respond to inconsistent build rates.

Utilize real-time Near Bit Inclination Motor measurements housed within the drilling motor

Pacesetter’s Near Bit Inclination is built directly into the motor positioning the inclination measurements right behind the bit. Wellbore inclination measurements are available much sooner, allowing more timely decision making and a smoother well profile.

The Near Bit Inclination Motor can be paired with most power sections available on the market.

Near Bit Inclination Results


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